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Ted joined us on our first Pilgrimage trip, in 2016 and every one since.

He has also gone to the 'Ring and Spa with Ross Bentley's Speed Secrets group.  We asked him to compare the trips for those considering our Pilgrimage.

This is what he sent us:

Since they're both through RSR, the on-track experience is identical: same cars, instructors, etc. The differences are what happens the rest of the time.


Ross Bentley: Must have a lot of track experience to be allowed on the trip.

Everyday Driver: Everyone welcome. If you have no track experience you'll have fun, but it will be more intimidating.


RB: Study the track and practice on a simulator beforehand. Drive the track multiple days in a row. The trip's purpose is improving your driving skills as much as possible.

EDD: Show up to the first track and figure it out with and instructor. Hop on the autobahn and twisty backroads, while switching between 5 different cars, and figure it out as we go. Try it all again on another track. The trip's purpose is having a variety of experiences.


RB: Drive the one car you rent from RSR

EDD: Over two trips I drove an Exige, Evora 400, M2, M235i manual and paddles, M3 stock & track prepped versions, Megane, GTR, Alpha 4C, Cayman S and Cayman GTS.


RB: You can ride as a passenger with Ross, and he will ride with you for a coaching session.

EDD: You can do the same with Paul and Todd, but as far as instructors go, Ross is better :)


RB: First day experience is meeting at the hotel near the track. If you've never rented a car and driven in Europe, it might be a lot to take in after a long flight.

ED: Meet at the airport, and the group fun begins immediately. Low-stress way to start the adventure, less confusion, less feeling on your own.


RB: Dinner conversations are often about what tracks you've driven, driving techniques, and other topics covered on Speed Secrets podcast.

EDD: Dinner conversations are often about what cars you've driven, what to buy next, and other topics covered on Everyday Driver podcast.


RB: Group was a little older. Trip is more a la carte, so different people did different things.

EDD: More cohesive group since it was smaller, we rode in the same van, and everyone did everything together.

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