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Our biggest and most anticipated film ever!

Join us as we drive 13 different Corvettes covering all 7 generations of the car's 65 year history.

From a pristine 1954 C1, to an angry 2019 C7 ZR1, Todd and Paul drive them back to back and discuss the changes that shaped the Corvette.

Available on Blu-ray and On-Demand:


On the 30th anniversary of the legendary M3, we drive each generation in search of the best execution of its dual personality.  Also included are the two M3 variants, the 1M and M2.  

Join us for this unique back-to-back discussion of the history, changes, and dynamics that make the M3 the original "Ultimate Driving Machine". 

                       Find "ICON" here:


The Ultimate Enthusiast Roadtrip.  Join us as we tackle two of the world's most famous tracks, The 'Ring, and Spa.  Plus we take exotics flat-out on the Autobahn


This is the trip car-lovers dream about. And the film that inspired our annual "Adventure" trip with people from our audience!

                       Find "Pilgrimage" here:


We take three Eurpoean, affordable mid-engined exotics to american roads reminscent of the Alps.


In celebration of Alfa Romeo's return to the US we put it with the only other cars in this small class, the Porsche Cayman, and the Lotus Elise.


           Find "Mid-Engines & Mountains" here:


On the 50th anniversary, we drive eight versions of Porsche's 911 and trace the changes.


The only film of its kind.  And this is the full version with more material than broadcast on Velocity Channel.

               Find "50 Years of the 911" here:

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