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Our Videos and Podcast are possible thanks to these generous sponsors:

Paul was using Griot's products long before the show even began. Their car care line is the reason his cars are CPO - "Certified Paul Owned".

Order from the official car care sponsor of our show and get 10% - 15% off your order with the code "EDriver" !


Full bolt-on brake kits for everything from track cars, to commuters, to off-roaders.

PowerStop sponsors our Long-Term series and makes increased stopping power a DIY reality.
Find full brake kits for your car at


Our official car search partner. We love putting a search in once and looking everywhere. The folks at AutoTempest have been listening and supporting our podcast from the beginning. This is where we search for cars. 


For those fans of the show who want to help us do more and get insider access to everything we do.  Including our Discord based chat room! We're thankful for this generous group!


Nokian has given us the opportunity for first hand experience with "All-Weather" tires by sponsoring the road trips with our Cars of the Past.

We're excited to have their support and a chance to talk tires even further!

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