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"Pilgrimage" Adventure 2023 FAQ

What about COVID?

All attendees will be sharing time in trip vans and cars with others. Social distancing will not always be possible.

What Does this Cost?

Base cost this year is $8,500 for a driver, with transportation to the Ring and Spa, track registration, car, instructors, helmet, as well as all meals and lodging included. Individual car upgrades do increase this price. See upgrades below.

What Cars do I get to Drive on Track?

This year, we have multiple cars available at the base price, these include the M240i, Golf R, and i30N. The included cars are surprisingly fast and capable, but also offer fairly forgiving places to start.  We highly recommend one of the standard cars but upgrades are also available for additional cost. We will ask for your preference and do our best to lock in your specific car with your deposit.

What car upgrades are available?  Can I drive a _______?

Car upgrades are available for an additional fee (higher-performance cars simply cost more to rent on track.)  Everyone who signs up for the trip is sent an upgrade form showing the potential upgrade cars and their cost. There are several performance upgrade levels, with multiple cars in each. We will ask your preference at each upgrade level and do our best to match each driver with the car they most want to drive.


We expect anyone who stays in the provided cars will end up both exhausted and happy!

How much Track time will I get?

Everyone will get 3-4 track sessions a day, with breaks in between.  It should add up to almost 4 hours of concentrated track time on each track.  (This is far more track time than we had for our film!).  Prior attendees have told us it was just enough drive time to be satisfied but not overwhelmed.

It is also possible to double your track time. The costs of this upgrade are included on the car-upgrade form.

How much Instruction will I get?

Instructors will be included for the morning half of each driver's sessions.  The afternoon sessions will be on your own.

What if I crash?  /  Can I get insurance?

Drivers are responsible for damage to any vehicles they drive. The instructors offer great defense against problems, and most prior attendees have not secured insurance. However, track-day insurance is available through RSR directly. For drivers who would like this insurance, it must be purchased in advance and is car specific.  We can put you in contact with the right people at RSR and are open to any questions in this area.

What cars will be on the Road Tour?

A variety of cars from the RSR fleet.  It will include vehicles higher up the food-chain than the included track cars.  Past years have included Nissan GTRs, Porsches, and other BMWs. We won't know our cars list until the week of our event.

Will I have to ride as a Passenger during the Road Tour?

Our road tour will consist of a multi-hour drive from one track to the other, with both Autobahn and back road sections.  Everyone will get a chance to drive the road-tour cars.  Depending on the number of attendees, it is possible there will be times when you are not driving. When not driving, passengers can ride in the trip van or as passengers in the road cars.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes.  This is designed as a driver's trip, but a friend/spouse/significant other is welcome for a reduced "non-driver" cost.  Keep in mind that there will not be an alternative itinerary, so Non-drivers will be at the tracks and road tour with everyone.  They are welcome to ride along on track with anyone they would like. 

You can also bring anyone as a full-cost driver, sharing accommodations, but both getting full driver privileges.

Can I ride with Paul and Todd?

Sure.  Paul and Todd will be doing laps at both tracks but won't be driving as much as everyone else.  If you'd like to ride along with them, you are welcome.

Can I bring cameras to video my laps and the trip?

The Everyday Driver team will be shooting the event and making a compilation video of the experience for everyone that goes with us.  Each driver will also get video of laps from in-car cameras.  While you are welcome to film whatever you like, we encourage everyone to just enjoy the experience. 

What included in the trip fee?

Your Pilgrimage Adventure fee covers transportation from Frankfurt airport to Spa, Belgium, to Nurburg, and back to the airport from Nurburg, Germany.  All cars, gas, tracktime, instructors, and the venues are included. Plus hotels and three meals a day.

Not covered: Any personal "incidentals", including but not limited to: Souvenirs, mini-bar raids, snacks, room service or room charges, and damages to cars, hotels, or venues.  Airfare To and From Frankfurt is also not included.

Is this really happening?

We've done this trip for many years, and skipped two because of Covid. There are only two reasons this trip won't happen this year.  First, this trip requires a minimum of 5 attendees to work. If we don't reach the minimum number, we will give full refunds. The only other thing which could end this trip is an unexpected "act-of-God" type of world crisis, such as Covid issues, catastrophic weather, or an unforeseen but widely known problem. We believe cancelation for both of these are unlikely, but the last few years have proven the unexpected happens and we don't control the universe!

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