"Pilgrimage" Adventure FAQ

What Cars do I get to Drive on Track?
Can I upgrade to a different car (or a specific car)?
How much Track time will I get?
How much Instruction will I get?
What if I crash?  /  Can I get insurance?
What cars will be on the Road Tour?
Will I have to ride as a Passenger during the Road Tour?
Can I ride with Paul and Todd?
What included in the trip fee?

The included cars are the Renault Megan 265RS, and the BMW M235i (As seen in our film). An automatic transmission alternative will be available for anyone not comfortable enough to drive the manual transmission Renault on the track.

These cars are surprisingly fast and capable, but also offer fairly forgiving places to start.

For anyone who wants to upgrade, that option will be available through RSR based on approval by instructors, available cars and an additional transaction with RSR.  The upgrade fee will vary based on the car desired, but will be offered at a discount to our group. We expect anyone who stays in the provided cars will end up both exhausted and happy!

Everyone will get 3-4 track sessions a day, with breaks in between.  It should add up to almost 4 hours of concentrated track time on each track.  (This is far more track time than we had for our film!)

Your Pilgrimage Adventure fee covers cars, gas, tracktime, instructors, and the venues. Plus hotels and three meals a day.

Not covered: Any personal "incidentals", including but not limited to: Souveniers, mini-bar raids, snacks, room service or room charges, and damages to cars, hotels, or venues.  Airfare To and From Frankfurt is also not included.

Can I bring cameras to video my laps and the trip?

Instructors will be included for the morning half of each driver's sessions.  The afternoon sessions will be on your own.

Drivers are responsible for damage to any vehicles they drive.  Track-day insurance is available but isn't offered through Everyday Driver or RSR directly.  RSR recommends the insurers listed HERE.  Keep in mind this insurance is purchased in advance and is car specific.  It will not be possible to upgrade to other cars at the track and still be covered for the new/added car.

No.  We intend a car for each attendee, swapping aproximately every 1/2 hour or so.  This road tour should go from about 8am to 3pm with discussion stops along the way and an included lunch.

A variety of cars from the RSR fleet.  It will include vehicles higher up the food-chain than the included track cars.  They have Mclarens, Merc GTs, and GT3s in their fleet.  What's available that day won't be known for sure until the week of our event.

Sure.  Paul and Todd will be doing laps at both tracks but won't be driving as much as everyone else.  If you'd like to ride along with them, you are welcome.

The Everyday Driver team will be shooting the event and making a compilation video of the experience for everyone that goes with us.  Every driver will also get their personal best-lap un-cut video from in-car cameras.  While you are welcome to film whatever you like, we encourage everyone to just enjoy the experience. 

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes.  This is designed as a driver's trip, but a friend/spouse/significant other is welcome for a reduced "non-driver" cost.  Keep in mind that there will not be an alternative itinerary, so Non-drivers will be at the tracks and road tour with everyone.  They are welcome to ride along on track with anyone they would like. 

You can also bring anyone as a full-cost driver, sharing accomidations, but both getting full driver priviledges.

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