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2010 Cayenne - Long Term #1

We encourage our audience to buy used cars, especially if it means owning something worth aspiring to, but out of reach when new. Paul has owned multiple Porsches by following this logic. And now, I (Todd) have succumbed to Porsche ownership.

I didn’t set out to buy a Cayenne. I’d driven many variations of them on the road and marveled at their capability on the track, but never found them attractive or thought of them as an option. What I really wanted was to convince my wife to buy a big family hauling sedan that was a sports-car underneath. My hope was we would have a car that did all the mundane things of life and parenting, but would still be surprisingly agile and enjoyable to drive.

My first choice was a Panamera. I’ve never liked the look of the car, but the dynamics are spectacular and the bulbous rear delivers usable backseats and surprising space. The V6 models, while not impressively powered, have been steadily dropping as used options and I began to think it could be possible.

Earlier this year, two things happened to change my thinking. First, my wife came to me and said she’d like a change from our capable but bland Acadia. Considering the kinds of cars we drive for the show, and the emphasis we place on enjoying your car, it was hard to argue. Truth be told, I was excited by her desire but surprised to suddenly found myself looking for what was next. Secondly, we test drove a V6 Panamera for the show and I took my wife along to have her experience the car. While at the dealership she climbed in the Panamera, the Macan, and the Cayenne, out of curiousity. Then at the end of the day she commented how much she loved the dynamics and driving sensations of the Panamera we drove, but preferred the Cabin and ride-height of the Cayenne.

A Panamera was still out of our reach, but when I looked at our budget I decided to look up Cayennes. To my surprise, there we many available well within what we could afford. Unfortunately, many of them were the 2004-2006 first generation with well documented problems and the reputation of being money pits.

The second-generation Cayenne, beginning in 2008, seemed far more reliable and still just within our reach. So, I added a Cayenne to the list of SUVs we began driving and waited to see what she would think.

We bought a Cayenne.

No one is more surprised than me, and it’s the first time in our marriage that I’ve enjoyed my wife’s truck as much as she does. Every time I drive it I’m glad we bought it. Hopefully it will be reliable enough to not sour my affection.

So with this 2010 Cayenne we begin a new on-going series that follows the cars we drive. Join us for the maintenance, discoveries, joys, and hassles of buying a formerly expensive performance car.

And yes. I now own a Porsche. I promise to not turn into Paul.



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