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  • Bill Antonitis

Heavy Metal

The Breakdown

Enthusiasts gush over adjectives like lightweight, agile, chuckable.  Today I’m talking burly, chunky, and tough.  I love a Miata as much as the next person, but this is one in praise of the big boys.  Cars and trucks that cannot be ignored.  Easy to see out of, hard to park.  Here are some of the best reasons to love the biggest vehicles.


Driving first class

More car equals more space, an axiomatic equation.  For family hauling, wagons and vans come to many minds.  The same minds might mind that people movers aren’t fun to drive.   More car does not have to equal less amusement, however.  Ponder Porsche for a moment.  How many of us would love to daily a 911?  How many of us would love four seats and a hatch?  The Panamera is the solution.  No, it will not out-handle its smaller, older sibling.  It will still corner flat, accelerate with authority, and “drive like a Porsche”.  It will also easily seat four adults and bring all of their belongings without a fuss.  The Kia Stinger is another great example of a car that balances practicality with performance for far less money.  No matter which you choose, there is no reason to trade excitement for extra room.


A Demon you can live with

Enthusiast vehicles are not necessarily known for comfort.  Road-tripping in an Elise or a Wrangler is not for everyone.  But neither is logging seat time in a cushy commuter car or a luxury SUV.   How about one of the many V8-loaded FCA products?  Aside from power (and more power), there’s something all of their vehicles--from the Charger R/T to the Jeep Trackhawk--have in common, and that’s comfort.  Having driven many different models, I’ve found each easy to settle into thanks to soft, supportive seats and plush suspension settings.  Spending hours driving doesn’t necessitate fragrance emitters and massage features, but it does require enough amenities to complement engaging driving dynamics.  The division of fun and comfort is easily rejoined by large engines and long wheelbases. 


Hit it with a cart. I dare you.

Driving some big vehicles make others wonder what you're compensating for.  That’s obviously unfair.  Something about driving something like a Raptor is just boss—people need to deal.  There’s just no denying its presence.  Plus its named after a dinosaur, and that’s just awesome.  (Or a killer bird—still cool!)  Don’t like Ford?  What about the Ram Rebel?  How nasty is that name?  Neither of these trucks would be tough if they couldn’t back it up.  Both drive great on-and off-road, and they offer loads of space and comfort, too.  Knobby tires not your thing?  What if your car could turn into a warrior robot?  A yellow Camaro is what you need.  A muscle car or lifted truck doesn’t have to fill a hole in your life; maybe you just want some fun?  Many people drive as an escape. What better way to outrun the mundane than to climb into your ride, (responsibly) mash the gas, and be off? 

Riff on This

While some drivers chase quick and light, some want to hunker down and smash the road into submission.  What are some reasons you love big vehicles?  What are some of your favorites?  Tell us more about them and why you think they rock.

Bill hosts a blog and YouTube channel that invite us to think more deeply about what it means to drive. The views and opinions expressed here are his own and may not align with the founders of Everyday Driver.



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