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Review: The 2022 Chrysler Pacifica Limited AWD is One of the Best Tools for a Job Ever Made

I never thought I’d say this but … I loved my time with a minivan. There, I said it. It’s off my chest and I own every word of what I just said.

In high school, I swore I’d never own one, and I plan to stick to that promise. But, if we’re talking tools for jobs here at Everyday Driver, then the 2022 Chrysler Pacifica Limited AWD minivan is one of the best tools on the market. It nails the family hauler job it's been given, in almost every way. Where its competitors might get most of the talking time in the public discourse, this lone survivor in the Chrysler lineup might be the most underrated minivan on sale today.

If you’re hauling kids around — or even just a lot of stuff — the 2022 Chrysler Pacifica Limited AWD deserves a thorough look.

Here are four things I loved about the family-schlepping Pacifica, and two things I didn’t after a week of driving

Four things I loved about the Chrysler Pacifica

Luxurious, comfortable, and intuitive interior

Wow, the Pacifica is comfortable. Everything in the cabin is soft, large, and eager to coddle you all the way to the soccer field. I was genuinely shocked at the next-level comfort in the Pacifica. Even those in the third row have ample leg room, a soft seat, and plenty of comfortable amenities. Chrysler even went so far as to include tiny rear window shades for the quarter windows — a small detail they could have easily overlooked in the name of cost savings.

The front seats and their armrests are essentially thrones for mom and dad. With so many vehicles offering firm, thinly padded seats these days, the pillowy support of the Pacifica seats was deeply refreshing. The heated and ventilated features worked wonderfully and were some of the best we’ve experienced.

The knobs, buttons, and steering wheel are exactly where you would hope they would be, making for a pretty well-perfect driving position.

If you want something that will hustle you and your family comfortably down any road, the Pacifica is a supremely excellent choice.

Gentle driving dynamics

It’s been a long time since I’ve driven something so gentle and pleasant to be in. Everything about the Pacifica’s driving demeanor is smooth and serene — and it handles far better than you might expect. The power delivery from the proven Pentastar V6 is linear and drama free. The steering is light and accurate. The suspension is soft and in control. It’s so easy and pleasant to drive that it easily leaves even some of the best (and vastly more popular) mid-size crossovers in the dust.

Ultimate practicality

Whoever designed the Pacifica’s storage and cargo solutions deserves a huge raise. It’s astounding. Standard on all Pacifica’s except the hybrid models, Chrysler’s Stow ‘N Go system is a packaging marvel. With the seats up, there is PLENTY of room for passengers, and cargo space in the rear and underneath the floor. Fold them down, however, and the interior becomes downright palatial. You can haul so much stuff in there that the Pacifica makes a strong argument for being a mobile apartment. In fact, it might be bigger than our first apartment.

As practical vehicles are concerned, few options can compete with the Pacifica other than, well, other larger vans.

Excellent technology

Say what you want about FCA, but they’re making some of the best tech on the market today. The Uconnect 5 system is beautiful and easy to use. The cameras are some of the sharpest we’ve ever seen. The safety systems are not overly intrusive. It’s no surprise the 2022 Pacifica received five-star safety ratings and a Top Safety Pick+ from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Two things I didn’t love about the Chrysler Pacifica


My wife said it best when she said, “It’s too bad that minivans look like minivans.” And she’s right. The Pacifica is an excellent car — one that I would strongly consider buying for my family — but at the end of the day, it still looks a little dopey. The S Appearance Package (essentially a lot of blacked out, gloss black trim and wheels) and Ceramic Grey paint helped sharpen the Pacifica’s reserved styling, but it still wasn’t enough for me. It’s not bad looking, but I think the Kia Carnival still looks the best in the segment.


Aside from its slightly frumpy looks, the sales price for the 2022 Chrysler Pacifica Limited AWD might be the deal breaker here. Loaded up with options like the Uconnect Theater Group and the S Appearance Package (both of which you want), our tester priced out at $57,552. That’s not cheap — and almost $8,000 more than our fully-loaded 2022 Kia Telluride SX. While the Pacifica Limited AWD is extremely well done, a near $58,000 price tag seems a little steep.


The 2022 Chrysler Pacifica Limited AWD with the S Appearance package is probably the best minivan ever made. It’s reasonably stylish, thoroughly thought through, exceptionally well engineered, and supremely comfortable for seven occupants. It’s a standout people hauler, one that you could spend many long hours in and enjoy every minute of it.

But, it is on the more pricey end of the minivan segment. Whether it’s worth the cost or not will be up to you. One thing we can confidently say is that the 2022 Chrysler Pacifica is one of the best tools for the job ever made, and that alone should make it worth your consideration.

About the author: Having owned everything from a DeLorean to an E46 BMW M3 and a Toyota Land Cruiser, Jason Bell is a lifelong car enthusiast who loves sharing his passions as a teacher, writer, speaker, and social media manager. Contact him at for comments/questions, or just to say "hi."

The views and opinions expressed here are my own and may not align with the founders of Everyday Driver.



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Bob Aikman
Bob Aikman
Jan 18, 2023

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