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How much will this event cost?

Every person’s costs will be different depending upon which activities you chose to do.  Plan for meal expenses each day. The big expenditures will be the Track Day costs. All the restaurants on the schedule are medium priced. There are both lower and higher end hotels available in Park City, but room rates in October will be nearly the cheapest of the entire year.

Where should I stay?

We recommend these two as they are centrally located and affordably priced during our event:


DoubleTree - Yarrow:


Marriott Mountain Side:


Where do I get a car?

For the meet-up and drives we suggest TURO if you want to think outside the box, or you’ll find all the chain rental places at SLC airport and throughout the city.  Park city even has an Enterprise office. 


For the Track:  We’ve found a few local race shops that rent cars for the track.  Some are based at Utah Motorsports Campus to make things easier.  We haven’t rented from any of these people/companies so we can’t speak to the cars or prices, but they are known to regularly provide cars and support for track days . Unfortunately, there isn't a provider with a large fleet of track ready cars, like we use in Europe.

Lyfe Motorsports

Tatum Racing

There are also a few private owners who rent out their own NASA spec track cars.  These are Spec-Miatas etc.  If you would like to contact these owners, please let us know and we'll connect you.

Can I bring my friend/spouse/family?

Absolutely! Everyone is welcome, but please remember this is a very car focused gathering without an alternative itinerary.  Also be aware that passengers are unlikely to be allowed to ride along during the track day sessions.

How do I get a mountain Bike?

Park City has many places that rent Mountain Bikes. Both of these are within walking/riding distance of the hotels listed above:




Cole Sport:


What do I need for the track day?

Bring a helmet. Those are often hard to source on the day.


There are food and snack options available for purchase at the track, but you may want to bring some extra water.  The track is at 4,000 ft in a high-desert climate. In October you can expect a range of weather from summer hot to biting wind.


The NASA track day will require a tech-sheet for each car, please plan accordingly.  If you sign up for one of the HPDE classes this form can be filled out by you if you are willing to be at the track early (7:30am) for their tech to sign off on it.

Can I ride along on the Road-Tour?

Yes. You can ride with anyone who has an open seat, including Paul and Todd.

Can I ride along on Track?

NASA events typically do not allow passengers other than instructors.

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