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Tracking & Drifting our FR-S

One of our favorite things about our Long Term FRS is the car’s approachable limits. A sad by-product of the in-car technology and horsepower wars is a long list of heavy cars with more power than the average person will ever use. The FR-S stands in stark contrast and asks the driver to extract what’s available. We like that. In fact, Todd likes it so much he bought this one.

We know that some viewers equate drifting with a proper test of a car. We like drifting, but we don’t want to do it on a tight canyon road (especially those no-guardrail versions we find on nearly every shoot!). With a well balanced car like the FR-S it’s possible to hone both drifting technique and a proper racing line, you just need the right venue. Luckily, there’s one close by.

The problem with having track time and drift practice is the extreme withdrawals left in their wake. Since this tire test, both the guys have wished that most every day included a couple hours of fast track corners and sideways tire melting. This could become one of life’s more expensive addictions.

We have to thank our friends at who stepped in with the Pilot Super Sports that allowed us to test without mercy. But even with help, tires are consumable items and vital to the kind of driving we do and encourage. Budgets must be weighed against the fun. And if you drive a heavy car with complicated grip (Nissan GTR, Mitsubishi EVO), or any Hellcat then you’re bound to learn a lot about tires.

All of this testing and sliding has Todd seriously debating when to add power to the FRS. He appreciates the stock form as a great teacher and companion to becoming a better driver. Having more power underfoot is fun, but can easily be used to cover driver mistakes. Now that we’ve driven the Nurburgring and Spa the guys find themselves obsessed with becoming better, and not just faster.

We’re always learning. Having a usable car with approachable limits makes every session stretching and fun.



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