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Paul's Secret Car Shopping

Many of you have asked for the ‘secret’ US car websites we use to find ideas and suggestions for our Car Debate!

Apart from the usual suspects including AutoTrader,, and Bring A Trailer, we use Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book and Consumer Reports to generate shopping ideas. Without further ado, here is The List, beginning with reasonable inventory and prices, going all the way up to ‘money-no-object’ exotics!!

Plaza Motors, Tempe, AZ – This site always has a variety of options in prices, but many times good choices are available for a decent price. Plus, they’re warm-weather Arizona cars! Occasionally a Ferrari pops up here, along with Audi A4s, Honda S2Ks and Mitsubishi EVOs.

Park Place Ltd., Tacoma, WA – One of Paul’s favorite websites to find amazing cars for (sometimes) great deals—lots of very high quality, lightly-used cars here! This always generates lots of ideas and discussion…

AIC Auto, Quarryville, PA – Another favorite website with carefully curated, well-priced Porsches. A great website to discover.

Rayco Eurospec, Kingston, PA – Sometimes leaning towards pedestrian cars, but sometimes a crazy bargain pops up. Excellent choices, with top quality used cars for sale.

RC Automotive, Salt Lake City, UT – Paul & Todd’s local SLC place to find good-quality used cars of all choices and prices.

Enthusiast Auto, Cincinnati, OH – The single best place to find M-cars from BMW, especially M3s. Not exactly the lowest prices on the planet, but definitely the nicest used BMWs.

Marshall Goldman – Warrensville Heights, OH – You may think they only offer exotics for sale, but keep checking back frequently. Many times there are wildcard enthusiast cars for good prices. Here’s looking at you, Lotus Evora S and Porsche 968.

F40 Motorsports, Portland, CT – Wayne Carini’s shop featured on his Velocity show, Chasing Classic Cars. A wide variety of prices and cars here, but all of them are enthusiast cars, and all are top condition or beautifully restored.

Willhoit Enterprises, Springfield MO – Always an excellent selection of gorgeous, clean, well-maintained cars (mainly Porsches), but mostly obnoxiously priced! Good for a laugh. You’ll wonder where these cars come from!

Taggart Autosport, Cary, NC – Ariel Atoms and LocalMotors Rallyfighters for sale, along with some other fun stuff…

Byers Imports, Columbus, OH – Excellent used car inventory for imports – especially European. If you can get past the overdone website design, you might discover a gem.

Canepa, Scotts Valley, CA – Former race driver Bruce Canepa’s restoration & detail shop with mind-blowing cars for sale. If you’re looking for a Porsche 959, start here. Other incredible road and racecars for sale, at high prices. Read it and weep. Bruce is the man.

Sloan Cars, New Haven, CT – Richard Sloan’s collection of incredible Porsches, all at top dollar. Paul’s favorite place to dream.

Dupont Registry – A great place to find excellent cars of all prices, but mainly the ones at the top end…sorry about your college fund, kids..

CNC Exotics, Ontario, CA – Quite lovely choices, mostly very high-end, and some lifted/tricked-out Jeeps, but all-around good stuff.

Fusion Luxury Motors, Chatsworth, CA – Stratospherically priced exotics. Fun to dream. And gasp in shock.

O’gara Coach, La Jolla, CA – Anybody in the market for a Veyron, or expensive vintage racecar sheetmetal to begin their collection? Call these folks right away…

If you have good suggestions to add to the list, please write to us! Thanks for listening and watching!

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